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Christine Ganassa

My left leg was severely crushed by a horse, without Wendy & MWPEMF I would have been in and out of multiple surgeries.  I know my healing process has been vastly improved and it has helped me get through the swelling and pain faster.  I highly recommend Power Through You for any ailment or injury!

Becky Haddon O'Neil

Wendy has treated my horses on numerous occasions.  Most recently my aged gelding for anhidrosis.  I thought we were going to lose him given his critical condition.  Wendy gave him the first of three treatments and he is sweating again!  It seems like a miracle but I know it's Wendy's skill and expertise combined with the science of MWPEMF.

Elizabeth Humphrey Smith

I had fractured my elbow after a fall. I was on Percocet for 4 days until Wendy rented me her PEMF machine.  After the first simple 20 minute session I was pain free, off the pain killers and could fully extend my arm.  I could do all my physical therapy exercises with minor discomfort, which means faster healing.  It is amazing how effective  MWPEMF is, Thank you!

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